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think fast - Kestrelpaw - 10-13-2021

Backdated to 2 moons ago IC.

Kestrelpaw had decided that enough was enough.

She couldn't just sulk in the background forever, as much as she wanted to. Well, she could, but after a certain point, being an apprentice became tiring; boring, even. And the sooner she could move on and become a warrior, the sooner that she could do shit. At least maybe then would she be noticed by her clanmates.

Of course, this decision was not an easy one to follow through with. There were days where her drive to get her warrior name was weak as shit at best and nonexistent at worst. The disappearances of her family and mentor left her without much to motivate her. But she persevered, practicing everything she had learned from the hunting crouch to various attacks (which she typically practiced on prey or unsuspecting warriors in camp). As a result of her desire to perfect her hunting and fighting skills, she had once again become more present among her fellow EmberClan cats.

That's what brought Kestrelpaw outside of camp. She stood upon a patch of land with a barren, barely-existent canopy, which she assumed was once a small clearing or hollow prior to the Sun-quake. She was ready. She could fucking do this. All she had to do was ace her assessment and then she wouldn't have to worry about stuff anymore, right? Then why was she so damn nervous?

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RE: think fast - Emberstar - 10-13-2021

The Leader had, in her usual flurry of activity, often seen the small Apprentice training. It was admirable, she'd decided then, that despite Moosebellows absence, Kestrelpaw had continued training and refining herself. "That kind of dedication is exactly what EmberClan needs." Emberstar had often thought to herself while watching the Apprentice train from the perch above her Leader's Den, or even from atop the Ashrocks themselves—or from wherever she was in camp at the time—before, of course, going about her business again, promptly forgetting the Apprentice entirely. Now, like an otherworldly spirit, Emberstar appeared between the scorched and blackened trunks of the Forest of Ash. Olive-amber eyes caught Kelstrel in their usual discerning manner: it seemed she had caught the Apprentice in one of her regular training sessions, yet this one seemed... Different.

"Ah, what is it the kits say? Fuck it." Emberstar decided, and she approached. Her footfalls were soft if not near-silent; and then she was standing a bit behind the Apprentice. Folding her tail across her paws, Emberstar angled her head to the right and spoke:

"Were your assessment to happen right now, Kestrelpaw, do you think you would be ready?" Emberstar's tone was not unkindly. Rather, it was curious and carrying the usual matriarchal kindness she graced all her cats with—they were hers to care for and lead, after all. "Don't think I've not noticed you training and preparing for it: everyone has," She took a step forwards, hopefully coming to stand beside the small Apprentice now "And I believe that this dedication to your training, despite Moosebellow's absence, marks you as one to watch. That dedication, to oneself and the Clan by extension, is exactly what we need."

"She speaks."
"She thinks."

RE: think fast - Kestrelpaw - 01-03-2022

As if to answer Kestrelpaw's question, Emberstar arrived. Now that was a reason to be nervous -- not because of Emberstar herself, but because of the scary-as-shit reminder that it was just about time for her to be assessed. The leader seemed to have the same idea, asking her if she'd be prepared to have her assessment. "I'd be more than ready," she asserted with a grin, puffing out her chest ever so slightly. While this display may have made her seem a bit cocky or overconfident, the reality was that she was as nervous as a mouse's ass for this. Moosebellow wasn't around to lighten the mood anymore, and part of her still doubted that she was ready. Did his disappearance put her at a disadvantage?

Nonetheless, she remained focused on the here and now as Emberstar appraised her, speaking well of her dedication. She turned to her side, where the larger molly now stood. She smiled and nodded at the recognition of her hard work, although doubt lingered in her mind. Her leader had spoken of how her sense of dedication would be good for EmberClan, but she found herself feeling like her presence didn't make much of a difference. She wasn't super close with anyone in the clan these days, and all too often she felt judged by her clanmates. To them, it seemed like she was either too intense or too lazy -- never a healthy middle ground. If not for the clan, then I'm gonna prove shit to myself, she decided. "Thanks, Emberstar," she responded with an awkward dip-of-the-head. StarClan, it felt weird to act this serious! "I feel honoured that you think that. Seriously." And in the midst of her weird hodge-podge of self-doubt and faux confidence, she really did appreciate what her leader had to say, even if she didn't feel like she'd earned that kind of recognition.

Kestrelpaw looked up, her violet eyes attempting to make contact with Emberstar's heterochromatic ones. "If I were to have my assessment now," she began, choosing her words carefully so as to show that she was going to take this opportunity as seriously as was humanly possible for Kestrelpaw, "How would it work?"

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