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Cold Reality - Owlie - 07-14-2021

Okay, so some mistakes were made.

Owlie had planned to return triumphantly from another one of her excursions, bringing with her new tales and hopefully a souvenir from Outside. She wanted to be the first to play in the snow that had fallen periodically over the last couple months, but was only just starting to pick up enough to blanket the ground. She would romp and crunch and figure out a way to bring some snow back to the barn, and her littermates would forever remember that it was SHE who had made possible their first treasured memory of snow....

That was the plan. The reality was much colder, and so much scarier. She hadn't realized how fiercely the tiny feather-flakes could fall, how thoroughly they could obscure the entire world. She was lost in a sea of white fuzz, with absolutely no idea which way home was. The cold had long since gotten past her fur and seeped into every whisker of Owlie's little body. And her paws hurt. How could cold hurt?

She was lost. Admitting that was even more painful than her aching paws. She was lost, and she had the feeling this cold would do a lot worse to her before long. Owlie was a good tracker, but the snow had thoroughly covered any print or scent she could use, and she had turned herself around looking for anything even a bit recognizable. She was lost, and alone, and she didn't know what to do.

For the first time, a thought entered her mind. I could die. Am I going to die alone in a snowstorm?

"Please no," she whimpered. "There's so much more I want to do. I want to explore the world and hunt a rabbit and fight a bear. I haven't lived up to my potential! This is NO way for a queen to die!"

She yowled the last, an indignant bark that combined with the wind to carry her off her paws. Owlie fell over into the snow with an oof, scraping her chin on the frozen ground. Goodness, it stung. And with the pain came a damp despair that washed over every last bit of determination in Owlie. There she lay, sprawled awkwardly in misery.

After several heartbeats, the kit struggled to a sit, screwing up her face against the snow. The cold was becoming sharper. She had to move. Find shelter, somehow. She loathed the thought of walking, but staying here and becoming an ice-cat was even worse. She forced herself to her paws and started walking toward the first big shadowy shape she could find. Hopefully it would have something that could help.

As she plodded through the blizzard, Owlie thought of home. She recalled the warmth, the dry floor, the smell of hay. She missed it so much! She may never get to go back there. And her family. Would she ever see them again? Playing with her littermates, curling up with Mother, so soft and loving...

Noble Owlie, 5 moons old and nearly at her full height, threw her head back, and a wail escaped her. It was the desperate cry of a baby deep in pain.
"I want my mommyyyyyy!"

RE: Cold Reality - Valerianstar - 07-23-2021

She didn’t like winter - never had to be honest. Her fur always stayed thinner than other cats, and she preferred to stay cooped up in her den when she possibly could do so. So despite her want to stay curled up in her warm nest, she found herself trudging through the snow on a solitary border patrol - as per usual for the she-cat. Long legs carried the tall caliby through the tall snow covering the ground. Some of it was pretty deep in areas, where it was less so in others. An ear flicked as the she-cat covered ground as well as she could having to step through the deep snow drifts.

As the caliby continued to wander through the territory of her clan, tall ears suddenly perked up at the sound of a loud wail. It sounded like… a kit?? What was a kit doing out here all alone?? Her pace quickened as she started to move in the direction of the source of the cry. Hopefully she could get to the kit before a predator found it… That could be bad, especially with prey being somewhat scarce with the blizzard.

Thankfully, it didn’t take too long to come across the kit. Moving towards the kit, Valerianstar hoped she hadn’t caught a chill and passed away in the time between when she heard the kit’s cry and when she finally arrived at the kit’s location. ”Little one - are you okay?” Valerianstar said, looking down at the kit. While the kit might’ve been nearly fully grown, Valerianstar stood taller than the young kit due to her own size. ”Where is your mother?” She asked, flicking her tail as she spoke.

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RE: Cold Reality - Owlie - 07-25-2021

Owlie swam through miles and miles of snow, until she was positive she had crossed half the world. Her paws ached, her belly was clumped and wet, and she suspected it'd be all white behind her eyelids for the rest of her life. Over time, exhaustion slowed her movements, until she stopped, curled in a miserable huddle.

"This is how I go," she mowred. "Alone, frozen in the snow. No one will find me; I am hidden by my own curse-ed fur, and the worms will surely eat me gone before anyone can find me. I'm sorry, my queendom. I failed you."

It seemed a sufficiently dramatic speech for her last words. Too bad no cat was around to hear it. Owlie slumped, and let the snow fall in a gossamer blanket over her. I am giving up the ghost.

She lay there for many breaths. Surprisingly, that layer of snow was not as torturous as she had anticipated. In fact, it was a little warmer than the open blizzard air. It certainly wasn't comfortable, but if Owlie was dying, it was taking its sweet, long time.

Eventually, her exhaustion began to fade. At the same time, it was the sheer boredom that became unbearable. Owlie heaved a lion's sigh. I suppose I could keep going. Maybe find a tragicer place to die. That decided, she stood up and shook herself clear.

Bad idea. Instantly, ice-wind was blowing in her face. But before she could stick her head back into a snowdrift, she caught a flash of green.
Eyes! Something was right there, looking at her! Owlie gasped and looked closer. A monster, come to eat me? Or my heroic savior?

Then the thing spoke, and Owlie recognized a cat's voice along with those unmistakable triangular ears. It must be a rescuer! A big, strong cat who could company her to a safe and secret hideout.

"I don't know where Mother is," she answered, her kit voice strong and clear. "We live in the barn over, uh..." She looked around, trying to discern anything about their present location, but there was absolutely nothing. "Somewhere yonder," she finished. "I ask for sanctuary! Until I can find my way back. Please, dear friend Hero Cat, will you grant me a place to spend a night?"

Owlie gave herself a nod of satisfaction. She was quite pleased with how she handled that. Mother told so many great stories of adventurers and secret safe places, and Owlie had copied how those story cats spoke perfectly, if she did say so herself.

RE: Cold Reality - Valerianstar - 08-08-2021

A kitten like this didn’t need to be out in the cold, and Valerianstar knew that. And it would seem by this kitten’s own admission that she had no idea where her mother was… Lovely. She couldn’t just leave the kitten alone. If she didn’t die from the cold, she’d surely die from some hungry predator. Despite her size, the little one would still be a prime piece of prey for a hungry owl, fox or anything else wandering around these woods… Perhaps depending on what happened, Valerianstar would find herself taking a kit back to camp today. As the kit spoke, the caliby learned some more information about her. It would appear she lived in the barn across the Thunderpath. How the heck did this little kitten get across the Thunderpath on her own? Even she avoided the Thunderpath for how dangerous it was.

”There is no need to ask for sanctuary, young one. StarClan would never let me live it down if I allowed you to stay out here on your own in this weather.” Valerianstar said, a hint of a smile tugging at the edge of her lips. Not only would she feel like her ancestors would be disappointed with her for leaving a kit in the cold, but she herself would be unable to live it down either. “Come with me, I will take you to StormClan’s camp. You can stay with me until it is safe for you to return home after this blizzard passes.” The caliby said, flicking an ear. This kitten would be staying with her in her own den where she could make certain she would stay safe and warm, and away from cats who might not be so welcoming.

”Come along little one. I am Valerianstar. What is your name?” She asked, beginning to move in the direction of StormClan’s camp, trying her hardest to clear a path with her own body so that the younger cat didn’t have to struggle so hard to move through the snow on their way back to StormClan’s camp.

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RE: Cold Reality - Owlie - 08-10-2021

Star... clan? Storm clan? Camp? So many new words! Owlie's mouth and eyes made a triangle of perfect Os. This cat must be speaking another language! Or half of one. Whatever this secret tongue code was, Owlie got the message: she was saved! Her purrs of relief were so grand she almost vibrated off her paws.

"I am Valerianstar," said her rescuer.

Owlie found herself trying to repeat the name under her breath. "Varien... no, vuh, vuh -- lay -- ree -- en. Star!" she finished triumphantly, before she realized the older cat had asked for her name.

"Oh, my family calls me Owlie!" she trilled, beaming. The name was her finest pride, a sign of the wisdom and skill Mother and her littermates saw in her every time she gazed lovingly upon them from the loft.

But outweighing even her adoration of her own name and self was Owlie's curiosity at the new words she was learning. "What's a vvvuh-lay-ree-en?" she asked as she hopped along the path Valerianstar carved on the way to this mysterious Camp.

RE: Cold Reality - Valerianstar - 08-28-2021

She had to admit - the kit was cute. The caliby might not show it, but she had a soft spot for kits. The kitten would introduce herself as 'Owlie'. It was a cute name, and if for some reason this kit ended up staying in StormClan, it could easily become a clan name. Perhaps once this kit saw what it was like to live with the Clan, even for a short time, she wouldn't want to go back to being a barn cat. "Keep close to me though once we get to my clan's camp - some cats are a bit more on edge lately. But you're with me - no one should dare mess with you." Valerianstar said, keeping her pace slow enough for the younger cat to keep up with her. She knew she could get a bit quick-paced, so she had to be cautious to make sure the younger cat didn't fall behind.

Owlie would then ask what a 'valerian' was, and Valerianstar would look back to her. "A 'valerian' is a type of plant that our medicine cats use to dull pain, calm nerves and promote sleep." The caliby said, pausing a moment to let Owlie catch up to her side. "StormClan is my clan. We all work together to make sure everyone stays as fit and healthy as possible. I'm their leader, and my sister Finchfrost is our deputy - my second in command." She said, giving the kit a bit more of a look into what clan life was like. Once the younger cat had caught up, Valerianstar would move off again towards the camp.

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RE: Cold Reality - Owlie - 08-30-2021

Owlie nodded gravely at Valerianstar's instructions to stay close. She followed these dutifully, long before she had to. That meant she had to take large, rather undignified steps which would be aggravating in a less perilous situation, but only added to the sense of grand danger now.

Valerianstar's description of her namesake was like sweet puddle water on Owlie's mind. How wondrous this plant was! Its powers sounded blissful, almost magical. Naturally, any cat would be proud to call herself Valerian. "I think I should like to see this plant sometime, or even try it at a proper time."

She imagined the possibilities. Maybe she would have to defend herself from an evil fox, and suffer a terrible scratch. Of course, she would prevail, and return home a hero. But the scratch would be too much to bear, and she would have to eat the herb just to live through the pain . . .

Or perhaps she would have to give a speech before leading some StormClan cats into battle. Owlie had always felt right at home addressing her littermates from her loft, but for some reason this time would be different, and nerves would take-over her. But the speech was super important for the morality of her knights; it would surely be the difference between victory and loss! So Owlie would gather courage, and take some of the valerian plant, and give the greatest speech ever told! And they would win the war, and sing her praises for seasons and seasons!

So caught up was she in glorious visions, Owlie didn't realize she had fallen farther and farther behind. She was brought back to present by Valerian's voice. She was explaining more about her home! Owlie scrambled back to Valerianstar's flank, nodding at the ever-growing list of new words. Finchfrost -- a cat's name; deputy -- second in command. Owlie hadn't heard of a second in command, though she grasped the concept intuitively. Now she knew this, it seemed obvious that a leader should have a leader-helper to help lead. If Owlie had made Mouser or Beans deputy, she wouldn't have to worry so much while on adventure-scursions like these.

"So StormClan is, like, your family?" Owlie guessed. "And you're like the queen! I'm the queen of my family, too," she purred, feeling a proud kinship with this cat who also knew the dreadful hardships and responsibility of leadership. "But I've never heard it called a 'clan' before."