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ACTIVITY CHECK (July ‘21) - Faux - 07-10-2021

<center><table align="center" style="width:500px"><tr><td>
Hello, LBS! We’re conducting an activity check on accounts that have been marked inactive for <b>3 or more months</b>. Moving forward, we will periodically do this every 6 months. <b>Please note that this does not apply to characters that are not marked inactive</b> — those accounts are safe by default. If you choose to keep a character, you will still need to post an activity appeal in order to reactivate them, but it will save their account from being deleted. This will end on <b>August 1st</b>, at which time all remaining unsafe accounts will be deleted. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please PM Emrakul or Faux.

<center><b><u>Unsafe Accounts:</u></b></center>
<b>Ari:</b> Ari
<b>Ark:</b> Ark, Redpaw, Nightfire
<b>Bluebird:</b> Mossgaze, Owlface, Sharptail, Sunfur
<b>Chishio:</b> Halopaw, Beetleshell, Snailkit
<b>DuskDawn:</b> DuskDawn
<b>Eerie:</b> Eerien00dle, Thrasherpaw, Snakewhisper, Lynx
<b>Evan:</b> Evan, Lionpaw
<b>Flash:</b> Fogkit
<b>ion:</b> ion
<b>Jadie:</b> Spiderpaw
<b>Jagdhund:</b> Jagdhund
<b>jangles:</b> jangles
<b>Jay:</b> Jay
<b>Kazuko:</b> Kazuko, Skysight
<b>Leaf:</b> Leaf
<b>Leo:</b> Batwing, Tripod
<b>Mewwn:</b> Mewwn
<b>mochii:</b> mochii
<b>peri:</b> Timberblaze
<b>plant:</b> plant, Koipaw
<b>Plymouth:</b> Moosebellow
<b>samhain:</b> Lavenderwhisker
<b>SilentWolf:</b> SilentWolf, Night
<b>Split:</b> Lizardfur
<b>Spu:</b> Spu, Willowkit
<b>Sunny:</b> Sunny, Frostpaw
<b>Taboo:</b> Taboo, Dustbite, Burningpath, Faust
<b>Truthseeker63:</b> Truthseeker63, Lionheart
<b>Werge:</b> Werge, Umberstreak, Vaporwave, Sever
<b>kell!:</b> Morningpaw
<b>YspobDon:</b> YspobDon

<center><b><u>Safe Accounts:</u></b></center>
<b>Darknesque:</b> Whitetalon, Duckpaw, Honeyblossom, Duskpepper, Asterpaw

To save your account(s), use the form below! Additionally, if you’re not on the list but you’re looking to delete an account, you may also use this form.
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<b>Accounts to Keep:</b>
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