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Gathering | Leaf-Fall, Year 1 - Faux - 03-09-2021


Once a season, around the second full moon, a thin sandbar opens up in the Lake to allow passage to a lone, forested island. This inexplicable phenomenon marks the time for the clans of the Lake to gather together to exchange tongues and news... and rarely blows. A dark, decrepit boat within the woodland is used as a podium upon which the leaders of the clans stand.

The full moon looms over the the island, shining brightly in the night sky. Small breezes shake the leaves of the surrounding trees, but other than that, the weather remains calm.

The time has come for our next Gathering! There will be no posting order until the leaders begin speaking, which will occur in about 5 OOC days. In the meantime, have at it! :)

RE: Gathering | Leaf-Fall, Year 1 - Shellnose - 03-09-2021

Shellnose looked around, both excited and weary about her current surroundings. She was anxious. The apprentice-sized molly had not gone to the last gathering due to her brother’s illness, and she had not seen a wink of any FireClan or EmberClan cat since, not even on border patrols. After that she had heard every story she could possibly glean out of her own clanmates. Now, she was anxious to see how they would all interact. A small part of her was also looking forward to meeting new cats.
Don’t screw this up, she thought to herself, her large jewel-toned eyes sweeping around the island, wondering where to begin.

Her gaze couldn’t settle anywhere in particular and she was feeling a little overwhelmed. Different clan scents muddled together until they were indistinguishable, and even familiar faces faded into ambiguity. This happened on rare occasion— and Shellnose always found it best to sit to calm herself when it did. For a moment, the tiny she-cat sat down and closed her eyes, limiting the information intake. A few deep breaths later and she sighed in relief, thankful she avoided a major panic in the middle of a gathering. To avoid the overwhelming stimuli she remained seated, fluffy tail curling around her delicate paws. Perhaps someone would come to her instead!

She gave herself a few good licks before puffing out her chest to make herself look as inviting as possible, and tried not to be disappointed when she wasn’t immediately approached.
Someone is bound to be bored enough to talk to you, she told herself, purring softly with laughter, maybe even someone who could fancy you!
But that was a thought she immediately shook off. Cross-clan romances were frowned upon, and her brother would never forgive her if she fell in love with a cat from another clan. But something about the thought of it was exciting, and admittedly a little erotic.
Stop thinking about that! she scolded herself, her whiskers twitching in amusement.

RE: Gathering | Leaf-Fall, Year 1 - Cricketskip - 03-10-2021

Cricketskip damn-near died from the invite of attending the gathering at Valerianstar’s word and it was any patience she had in not just leaving the rest of them in the dust and booking it for the clearing. This wouldn’t be her first gathering, she’d of course attended a few as an apprentice but when learning what she missed from the last gathering it was all crossed paws and prayers to Starclan that she wouldn’t miss out on another one. Patience paid off and the clearing was… well, clear. Disappointment welled up until senses reasoned that they had only just arrived and certainly the other two clans were as well. They surely would, right? It was a crime not to show up to a gathering, it was just asking for trouble. Starclan would be furious.

It wouldn’t hurt to take the opportunity to bond with her clanmates while the suspense in the air thickened. While still anxiously keeping an eye for familiar faces from the other clans, of Emberclan more specifically, she hunted down any cat within her vicinity.

Watching whiskers twitch in amusement, Cricketskip ran up to the small-bodied Shellnose with a massive grin on her face. ” Hi Shellnose!” Pacing around the she-cat, the color-pointed warrior finally found the manner to take a seat next to her clanmate. ” What’s so funny?” She peered around with the hopes of catching onto whatever it was she was finding so amusing, she wanted in on the fun too. At least until the other warriors showed up and then she could bomb them with questions. For now, Shellnose it was. Cricketskip held a curiosity for the little cat, having been told more than once that they both shared an endless bounty of energy and if that were the case, she’d finally have someone to keep up with her! A new friend! A new best friend!

RE: Gathering | Leaf-Fall, Year 1 - Salmonsplash - 03-10-2021

This would be the first gathering that they would be attending not as a warrior but as a medicine cat, a turn of events that caught even Salmonsplash off-guard. They had pondered idly between taking stock of Stormclan’s herbs and studying their new position, how the other two groups of cats would accept the news. Or rather, what they’d try to conjure up happened. Whether they accepted it or not as of no concern to them, it hardly mattered because it wasn’t their business to reject. Fireclan likely wouldn’t care either way, if anything the sandy tabby would become an object of interest to them seeing as there was no current word that they had medicinal care in their clan. Emberclan, well, they had bigger problems to worry about than to spend any time nosing about some other cats’ affairs. If anything, they’d all probably be fascinated in some fashion that it was an older warrior adopting the role rather than the typical young, round-eyed “eager to please” apprentice.

It was a pity that Stormclan would come short of even that much, with Halopaw having followed the same ominous path as Snakewhisper in disappearing without a trace to be found. A familiar feeling of bitterness tugged at Salmonsplash’s heart, that their clan should yet again experience a loss in such a way that only deprived them of closure and created unanswered questions. It was one thing to lose a clanmate, it was another thing to have not even a clue to the why of it, and how. It was cruel, no matter if you blamed Starclan or destiny for it, it was just plain cruel.

With the flick of an ear, Salmonsplash continued to file along with the rest of their clan obediently and only branched off as soon as they broke into the familiar clearing. Though they only disrupted its serenity every full moon, ample times of returning back to this island made it a place of familiarity for the cat. Even with the uncertainty that peace would remain, the way the glow of the moon illuminated their surroundings was almost surreal and promising that no matter what happened, all the forest cats seemed to find their way back to this area one way or another. They nodded to any cat who did the same and, feeling the power of senority, found it easy to establish themselves a place comfortably among the growing crowd as they had done many times before.

As would hardly come as a surprise to any cat that knew them, Salmonsplash was well off in their own presence and felt little guilt in eavesdropping on any surrounding conversation. Knowledge was, after, power regardless of how you get your paws on it. All these years of politics and conflict had taught them that much.

RE: Gathering | Leaf-Fall, Year 1 - Shellnose - 03-12-2021

Shellnose jumped at the sound of her clanmate’s voice greeting her. Her injured paw ached at the sudden movement.
”Cricketskip!” She greeted with her usual warmth and friendliness. The color-point she-cat was one that she knew relatively well. They had grown up together after all— they were, in fact, less than a moon apart, even though the high-white tabby appeared so much younger because of her size. She sat down once more, the tip of her fluffy tail tapped the ground as she mirrored the wide smile. She giggled when Cricketskip asked about what was so funny.
”Oh, nothing in particular! Just laughing at myself, that’s all,” she explained, her tail playfully flicking over her friend’s ear. She could feel adrenaline coursing through her veins as life and activity buzzed around them.

”This is all so exciting, isn’t it? I wonder what it’s going to be like with FireClan and EmberClan...” she pondered out loud, giving her chest fur a few licks, ”I wasn’t at the last gathering and I haven’t seen any of them since!” Shellnose looked around the forest once more, her deep emerald eyes wide and curious. ”I’m almost a little too nervous to talk to them. But I really want to! Don’t you think it would be interesting to have friends in other clans? I think so. I know it’s not usually encouraged but I just feel like it would be so much fun!” She paused for a moment to look Cricketskip up and down.

”You’re so pretty, you know that? If I were as pretty as you I would be careful making friends with cats in other clans because they would fall in love with me so easily,” Shellnose teased, looking into the other she-cats uniquely colored eyes. Cricketskip always kept her soft pelt so well groomed, and combined with her sweet personality and sunny disposition, well, any cat would be lucky to have her as a mate. The fun-sized warrior would be lying if she said she wasn’t occasionally jealous of the other molly’s smooth, shiny fur and streamlined, delicate limbs. Shellnose knew that she herself was pretty in her own right— just... not on the same level. Her fur was uncontrollable and sometimes stuck out in odd directions, and her large eyes made her look more like a love-sick apprentice than a sultry warrior. She would give almost anything to look more mature. But alas, there was no use lamenting over something she couldn’t change, especially when she was at the gathering!

RE: Gathering | Leaf-Fall, Year 1 - Kendry - 03-13-2021

The tom had spent days skirting the territories, scenting the markers, examining exactly how far the borders went. He smelled many different cats, on his journeys and after gathering what intel he could, he settled on a plan. The tom wanted more than anything, a chance to sink his teeth in... and his first encounter with one of the clan cats had been hostile on her end... so he prepared himself. The tom had thought long and hard about how to successfully infiltrate the clan’s territory while minimizing his chances to be attacked and a plan had been formulated.

He had discovered the two-leg place, the hairless beasts were not unfamiliar to him. Exploring the area had given him an idea. Kendry had before seen that cats that consumed rats near twolegs often fell ill and died. It was to be hard and filthy work, but the tom was inspired. A few hours before sunset he had began his final preparations. The tom had been saving his dirt, submerging it in puddles to soften it. More than that, he had urinated in these puddles as well. The swill had marinated for a couple days by the time he had finished his other work, and by the time he began to roll in it it was absolutely horror inducing. He was loathe to do it, but as a means to an end it would be tolerated.

When he was thoroughly coated, he began to allow saliva to collect in his mouth and pool, dripping down his chin and chest till they were soaked with a mixture of saliva and water. For his final touches, the tom rolled in the dirt and some twoleg garbage he had dragged away, leaving him greasy and damp. If this did not scream illness, his facade surely would.

The tom crossed the borders of StormClan on the west side, not terribly far from the lake. He did not attempt to disguise himself, frankly he did the opposite. The tom wailed pitifully, staggering and stopping to pretend to gag and wretch periodically, following the line of the lake, headed east. Kendry wanted to be found, to be fussed over. His feces and urine covered body was meant to inspire sympathy and pity... so they would carry the devil himself home with them.

((Kendry is trespassing on the StormClan side, moving gradually towards the island where the gathering is taking place, though he is of course unaware of this. He is crying out.))

RE: Gathering | Leaf-Fall, Year 1 - Cricketskip - 03-13-2021

Purring delightedly, Cricketskip plopped down next to the familiar face close enough to where their pelts just barely brushed against the other. Her friend mused on about meeting cats from the other two clans and the color-point wagged her tail in agreement, feeling some pride in already having accomplished that achievement. ” I got to meet one a while back! His name is Moosebellow and he is so great, you have to meet him if he comes tonight. I really hope he does; he’ll make you die from laughter! He’s an Emberclan cat too, so you know he’s a good guy.” It was mostly forgetfulness and having been distracted by the day-to-day activities that she hadn’t been more open about the friendship she had with the tom or the fact that they met by his trespassing. That was lucky, as she remained oblivious to the potential consequences of having made friends with the enemy rather than reporting the incident. But, Emberclan needed the herbs and Cricketskip couldn’t find fault in providing for your clan.

Not unlike her, Cricketskip completely missed Shellnose’s sweeping gaze as the surrounding commotion seemed to heighten around them, proving very distracting. It wasn’t until the smaller cat’s comment that her attention re-focused on the space between them, the compliment catching her off-guard. So much so, she started to laugh and took a playful swipe at the warrior. ” Says you! You’d be the best cuddle companion, you know. Especially in the winter, with that long and pretty coat it’d be like snuggling with your own personal ball of warmth.” she exclaimed with no remorse. With innocent intention, she affectionately shoved her nose into the blotched molly’s shoulder for a quick moment.

She paused upon pulling back from her gesture. Was that a yowl she had heard in the distance? With all the noise and movement, she couldn’t be sure. She’d certainly been mistaken on many occasions so it could’ve very well been some cat in the crowd or not real at all. Ears perked, she looked at Shellnose to see if she had maybe heard it as well. ” Did you hear some cat yowl?” What would some cat be crying out for anyways? There didn’t appear to be any fighting or arguing that Cricketskip could see.

RE: Gathering | Leaf-Fall, Year 1 - Heroncall - 03-13-2021

When Heroncall had first arrived at the gathering, they simply sat, waiting, watching. For what they weren’t quite sure. For trouble, maybe, especially considering how FireClan had reacted to EmberClan’s presence at the last gathering, but it was less that than... entertainment. They yearned for something stimulating. But, as was characteristic of them, they could be patient for something worthwhile to come along. So far they had witnessed nothing but boring, endless conversations as they drifted from group to group, contributing a charming smile here and a witty quip there to each. That is, until the large warrior spotted a pair of she-cats giggling and chatting between the two of them. Not even the faint screeching of a cat in the distance would distract them.

”Hope I’m not interrupting anything,” they greeted, their tail waving high in the air as they trotted over. They took a seat just across from the two animated mollies, their multicolored eyes gleaming. They both smelled of StormClan, which explained their familiarity with each other. ”I just couldn’t help myself from joining you two, your smiles lit up this dreary gathering like nothing I have ever seen before.” Heroncall winked, their tail curling around their extra-toed paws. Both she-cats were admittedly attractive, but the small one looked much too young for their taste, so they directed their attention to the color-pointed warrior.

”What’s your name?” They inquired innocently, gazing into her strikingly beautiful eyes, the color even matching one of their own. A soft purr escaped from the throat of dilute-furred EmberClan cat as they admired her. She must have kittypet blood somewhere in her lineage. Her tail was much too long and thin, her paws too dainty, her markings too defined to be purely forest-blooded. Heroncall had to stop themself from running their tongue across their protracted canines. An image flashed in their mind.


There she sat, this mysterious kittypet warrior, tattered and unconscious in front of them, but not dead. Her chest still rose and fell rhythmically, occasionally letting out a pitiful whimper. Their claws extended and the white fur around them stained deep crimson. The familiar salty iron tang of her vital life fluid on their tongue and teeth. A beautiful thing to behold.

But not yet.

For now, they blinked and the picture was gone, a fantasy replaced with reality. They flashed her a charming smile and patiently awaited a response. Though Heroncall could still hear the faint yelling in the distance, they paid no mind to it. For now, the sweet mollies in front of them took all priority. If it became an issue later, well, that was a problem for later.

RE: Gathering | Leaf-Fall, Year 1 - Emberstar - 03-18-2021

Long, fluffy tail flicking from side to side in slight agitation behind her, Emberstar padded with all the pomp and circumstance she could muster onto the sandbar that led to the island on which the Gathering was being held. Recalling the last Gathering honestly wasn't too difficult when she tried it; where Pinestar--oh, sorry, Pinefire--had tried to whip StormClan into a fury against her own Clan. 'I wonder if he'll try that again.' Emberstar mused in her thoughts, quickly following that up with another: 'I wonder if he'll even be here, considering how he stalked away last time.'

Ah, good. Heroncall was already present, and some Stormclan cats... Excellent, no Fireclan cat in sight. Padding onto the island proper and then with a leap onto the rotten float-bowl that served as the Gathering-place in full. It was empty. Hm. 'I've never been here on my own. Starclan, help us...' Regardless, she folded her thick tail against her paws, sitting on the edge of the float-bowl while trying to appear her confident--she really wasn't--and stoic self, head held high: a signature look of superiority on her countenance. So she sat, unapproachable (or maybe approachable, one simply needs to try) while watching the gathered clan cats and searching specifically for Valerianstar or any of the Fireclan cats should that... Scum decide to appear.

RE: Gathering | Leaf-Fall, Year 1 - Valerianstar - 03-19-2021

Once again - it was the night of the Gathering. After last moon's gathering, Valerianstar.... wasn't really looking forward to this. If FireClan and Pinestar decided to show up and try to get her to start a gathering fight again, well things wouldn't be pretty. StormClan's numbers were flourishing, and she was proud of how her clan was becoming under her leadership. Sure, she'd been nervous at the start (not that anyone would've known) but she was finding her paws in the position at the head of StormClan. Flicking an ear as she started to pad over to the island, she paused for a moment. Did she faintly hear something, or was her mind playing tricks on her?

-Rolling for perception to see if she noticed Kendry-

Not hearing the sound again, Valerianstar narrowed her eyes. Perhaps she would send a patrol to check the borders before they returned to camp. She wasn't sure if it was one of FireClan's bastards trying to cause trouble, or if she was just hearing prey scurrying in the bushes. Tail tip flicking, she stayed still for a moment before continuing to move forward onto the island. Green eyes peered around, noting all the cats on the island. She'd sent her clan ahead of her, choosing to make up the rear of the clan group for the gathering. She spotted Emberstar sitting in the usual place the leaders sat, and the caliby made her way over to EmberClan's leader.

Effortlessly leaping up onto the rotten float-bowl, Valerianstar gave the other leader a nod. "Do you think FireClan will be joining us tonight? Or perhaps they are still too embarrassed after the last Gathering to show their faces here once more?" Valerianstar said, a slight smile playing at the edge of her lips - a rare show of emotion from the caliby.

"She speaks." 'She thinks.'

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